Mitzyn De La Rosa had no idea the course of her life was about to change.

“I hope it goes well. I hope she says yes,” U.S. Army Staff Sergeant James Pierce said.

Pierce was about to ask Mitzyn to marry him.

The pair met after Mitzyn volunteered for Luke’s Wings, a non-profit that provides free airfare to wounded warriors and their families.

“I had no idea it was going to lead to this,” Pierce said.

Pierce was an Army Staff Sergeant that was severely wounded by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan. He spent three years recovering at Walter Reed. A mutual friend set them up on a blind date.

“Well, James has a unique sense of humor and Mitzyn has a high tolerance for silliness,” Jennifer Magerer with Luke’s Wings said. “And I thought these two might be a good match.”

It wasn’t love at first sight, but there was enough of a connection for a second date.

“I had to make sure she could hang out with the guys so I took her to Hooter’s,” Pierce said. “We went and watched Carolina football with some of the wounded guys at Walter Reed. If she could hang with the guys then she could put up with me.”

Mitzyn was unphased. Pierce was smitten.

“They’re kind and caring and honest and loyal,” Magerer said. “I thought, ‘They deserve one another.’”

Luke’s Wings surprised Mitzyn by flying her father and brother in from Texas to witness that proposal.

In case you were wondering, Mitzyn said yes. Luke’s Wings even helped James select the engagement ring.

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