It's about to be tougher for women to get birth control. President Trump issued new rules Friday. They let employers back out of providing insurance which includes contraceptive coverage.

What’s in this?

The Trump Administration is essentially siding with the right. Companies can now say, no, our insurance does not have to cover birth control. Some Catholic groups are applauding this. Women's groups, not so much. Planned Parenthood says this is a big rollback of rights.

Why does the Trump Administration care about this?

This is something the religious right has wanted and gone to court over. It's also part of the Obama legacy. This reverses the rule which was originally part of Obamacare.

How many people does this impact?

A 2015 estimate said 55 million women were covered by no-cost contraceptive policies. The Trump Administration says this won't impact 99.9 percent of women. Right now, it’s not exactly clear how many will lose contraceptive coverage.

There’s been a fight over this before, so what's different?

The Supreme Court sided with two companies in 2014. Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood said the Obama rule violated their religious beliefs. Now, there's likely going to be more court cases over this. The National Women's Law Center has already vowed to sue the Trump Administration.