On Tuesday, two weeks away from Election Day, both major party presidential candidates campaigned in Florida. The biggest and most hotly contested battleground state of the last several presidential elections is living up to its reputation again this year as both campaigns are pouring in money and time for this final sprint.

“In 14 days we’re going to win the state of Florida, and we’re going to win back the White House,” Donald Trump told a crowd at a rally in Sanford Tuesday afternoon.

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The Republican presidential nominee wraps up a three-day swing through the state he calls his second home, warning supporters to ignore polls and reporters who say he’s losing.

“We’re gonna win Florida,” Trump exclaimed. “These guys won’t tell you that because they don’t want to hear about it.”

However, the last 10 Florida polls show Hillary Clinton in the lead by an average of about three points.

At her own Florida rally Tuesday, the Democratic presidential nominee again used her relative popularity to boost a down-ballot Democrat. This time it was the candidate running to unseat Sen. Marco Rubio.

“Unlike his opponent, Patrick Murphy has never been afraid to stand up to Donald Trump,” Clinton said at a rally in Coconut Creek.

She urged supporters to vote as soon as her rally wrapped up at a polling place across the street.

Early in-person voting opened in much of Florida on Monday. Long lines were reported at many polling places.

More than half of Floridians are expected to cast their ballots before Election Day. That’s driving a rare moment of agreement between Trump and Clinton, who are urging their supporters to ignore the chatter and cast their votes now.

“It’s going to be a close election,” Clinton said. “Pay no attention to the polls. Don’t get, don’t get complacent because we’ve got to turn people out.”

Florida was the closest swing state in 2012, with President Obama winning it by less than a point.