President Trump's personal lawyer added fuel to the fire after forwarding a racially charged email to people close to the administration and to conservative journalists.This was reported by our editorial partners, the Washington Post.

John Dowd forwarded an email from a well-known conspiracy theorist that called for protecting some Confederate monuments. It also claimed that the Black Lives Matter group had been infiltrated by terrorists.

The concern among some presidential advisors is that this will be interpreted as the President endorsing ideas that are offensive and upsetting to many Americans.

The email was titled "The Information that Validates President Trump on Charlottesville". It pats President Trump on the back for his controversial statements over the past few days. The statements turned the blame away from neo-Nazis and white nationalists saying two sides are to blame for the protest that turned deadly.

The e-mail also gave a nod President Trump's comments that you can't be against General Lee and for General Washington. The author of the article called them both great Americans and great men and flatteringly compared them to dictators Napoleon and Alexander the Great.

Bowd confirmed to the Washington Post that he sent the email to government officials and conservative journalists but defended it by saying that he quote "shares a lot of things with a lot of people" and that doesn't necessarily mean he agrees with the viewpoints in the article.