So -- now that the tweeters and the pundits are finally catching their breath -- what's the next step in after former FBI director James Comey's testimony?

A subpoena to try and find those alleged tapes the President tweeted about - that's what experts say we may see sooner than later. But there will definitely be more testimonies according to Attorney Jeff Jacobovitz.

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"Ultimately what Mueller will try to do is flip a witness, try to get somebody to cooperate, give somebody the immunity and see if he can move up the food chain ... the food chain is Donald Trump."

Jacobovitz said on our 7 o'clock show Off Script with Bruce Johnson, he thinks James Comey laid out an effective case of obstruction that will fuel the private Russia investigation headed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. On the other side is attorney Glenn Ivey:

"I don't think it moved the ball legally with respect to obstruction."

But he agrees, there will be more..

"Especially for the senate committee, they're going to want to do as much as they can publicly so the people can see the information they're gathering."

Top Democrats emphatically pointed to Comey's testimony as evidence.

" … nothing less than the integrity and security of our Democracy is at stake," said Nancy Pelosi.

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Top Republicans voiced very different takeaways.

"That's the first time I've ever seen a witness come before Congress and admit they leaked something through an intermediary to get it to the press," said Marco Rubio.

CBS says the President's Senior Advisor and son-in-law, Jared Kushner, will also be questioned by the Senate Intelligence Committee. He's one of about seven Trump Associates being investigated for their ties to Russia. .