After new White House Chief of Staff John F. Kelly dismissed the West Wing’s embattled and compromised communications director, Anthony Scaramucci, the larger-than-life financier’s firing marked the shortest tenure of any senior official to serve in the Trump Administration.

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WUSA9 reporter Mike Valerio shows how long each official has lasted in the West Wing, using one American flag to represent one month serving under President Trump.

The high-profile firings of five officials serving at the pleasure of the president have cut short tenures that typically span for years. Together, the officials served for a less than a year and a half.

Anthony Scaramucci: July 21 – July 31 (0.3 months, 10 days)

Reince Prebius: January 20 – July 29 (6 months, 190 days)

Sean Spicer: January 20 – July 21 (6 months, 182 days)

Jim Comey: January 20 – May 9 (3.6 months, 109 days)

Mike Flynn: January 20 – February 13 (0.8 months, 24 days)