It's a tale of two very different political views.

Inside the Beltway, the Comey hearing was appointment television with local bars opening up early for watch parties.

Outside the Beltway, in places like Boonsboro, Md., it was just the opposite.

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Here’s what people had to say at bars in D.C. during the testimony:

"This is peak D.C. right here."

"Honestly, the Comey hearing was our Super Bowl."

“I don’t want to make generalizations, but definitely people are supporting Jim Comey, and they’re definitely fans of him.”

“This was far more forward leaning, far more specific, and far more honest than we thought the FBI would give. Typically, you see these hearings and they’re mostly pretty predictable. They say ‘I’m not gonna comment.’ ‘I’m not gonna talk about that.’ ‘I’m only gonna say in a classified session.’ None of that. He’s a private citizen now.”

“I hope what he said has an impact, but I’m not sure if it’ll be enough for anything long term.”

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And here’s what folks in Boonsboro had to say about the testimony:

“It’s all wish-washing. Go do something, go work in a food bank.”

"We have a life. We’re over the politics. We’re talking about vacations and having a good time. We don’t wanna deal with that anymore. It’s not worth it to us.”

“Comey? I think that’s a lot of political diversionary stuff to try to stop things from going on down there, get things accomplished.”

“I wish everybody would give Donald Trump a chance to do his job because we are all Americans and we do want America to survive.”