At 10 a.m. on Thursday, ousted FBI Director James Comey will read prepared remarks in what may be one of the country’s most anticipated testimonies. Senators will be allowed to ask questions after. DC bars are planning watch parties. Major networks are expected to carry the entire hearing live.

Despite all the excitement, CBS Chief White House Correspondent Major Garrett says slow down! He’s talking to the people comparing this to Watergate, especially.

“I remember my parents were very skeptical about it. They didn't believe it for the longest time and they, like the rest of the country, came to this very dispiriting realization that there was something very sick and cancerous inside the Nixon White House,” said Major Garrett who emphasized, “We're not there yet.

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We caught up with the CBS Chief White House Correspondent on Wednesday. He’s preparing for Thursday but tells us it’s hard to anticipate what will happen. Garrett also says to keep in mind, there’s no criminal charges in the investigation as it stands. What he does say is, “James Comey's testimony will be an important thread in what could be a very large tapestry of a story.”

With the former FBI Director's statement already released, Garrett tells us Thursday could reveal nothing more, or it could be a crucial moment.

"What’s the most important thing the American public can get out of tomorrow, needs to get out of tomorrow?” WUSA 9’s Stephanie Ramirez asked.

“They need to get a sense that the FBI Director, whatever you think about him, whatever you think he should or shouldn't have done during the 2016 campaign in this set of interactions with the President, was looking out for the best interest of the country and the FBI ... and if it comes to that conclusion, then it will have to come to a different set of conclusions at what the president was driving at,” said Garrett.

Coverage of Comey’s testimony will begin on WUSA 9 at 9 a.m.

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