The Secret Service is preparing to drop a massive security curtain around D.C. for the inauguration of Donald Trump in just over a week. It will close Memorial Bridge to cars and erect steel and truck barriers around big chunks of downtown.

"There is no credible threat," against the inauguration of Donald Trump, said Christopher Caruso, assistant special agent in charge of the Washington Field Office.

Caruso said the security plan for every inauguration is new because this year, the Service is facing a new challenge. Planners are expecting far more protestors than in the past, including thousands at the Navy Memorial, right along the parade route.

"Citizens have the right to exercise their First Amendment rights, and that includes free speech," Caruso said.

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But large, threatening signs are banned, as well as any kind of poles to support them. The Secret Service says it's also prepared to counter any effort to stop the motorcade.

"America's elected representatives will get from point A to point B," said Caruso.

During the campaign, people threatened violence against both candidates. The Secret Service is talking publicly about some of it's plans in part to deter anyone plotting an attack.

"Those out there that have ill will or any other plans," Caruso said. "We're prepared, and we're ready."

Eight years ago, then President- elect Obama faced a rash of racist threats and a suspected terror plot that ultimately proved to be false.

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