Unheard and largely unseen since the Republican National Convention this summer, Donald Trump’s wife Melania reinserted herself into the 2016 election at the moment her husband appears to need her most – defending the GOP nominee as he hemorrhages female voters.

“I believe my husband,” Mrs. Trump told CNN’s Anderson Cooper, when he asked her about the accusations that Trump kissed and groped women without their permission.

“I believe my husband,” she said. “This was all organized from the opposition.”

Mrs. Trump sat down for two interviews on Monday afternoon: one with CNN, and another with Fox News.

For the last week, her husband has been consistently attacking the political press as in league with Hillary Clinton’s campaign in a global conspiracy to defeat him.

Mrs. Trump did not go as far in her criticism of the media, but appeared to agree in broad theory.

“My husband is kind and he’s a gentleman and he would never do that,” Melania Trump told Cooper. “That everything was organized and put together to hurt him, to hurt his candidacy.”

Mrs. Trump has not been heard on her husband’s campaign since her speech at the RNC in July, of which portions were lifted from a previous Michelle Obama speech.

National and battleground polls have shown Trump losing broad swaths of the female electorate in the days since a video leaked of him making lewd and sexually aggressive comments about women was published by the Washington Post.

Mrs. Trump, like her husband, denied that Trump had done the things he bragged about in the tape, and said the events of 2005 were “many, many years ago.”

“I said to my husband that the language is inappropriate. It’s not acceptable. And I was surprised. That is not the man that I know,” Mrs. Trump told Cooper. “They were kind of ah, boy talk and he was lead on, like egg on, from the host, to say dirty and bad stuff.”