D.C. has officially declared its support for the Paris Climate Accord Monday morning.

Mayor Muriel Bowser signed a Mayor’s Order reaffirming D.C.’s support of the Paris Climate Accord on June 5. The order renews The District's commitment to the agreement to reduce global carbon emissions. Bowser was joined at the signing by local officials, federal partners and environmental stakeholders.

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Bowser said by signing the Mayor’s Order, the district is standing with the growing list of U.S. states and cities taking local action for global results as they work to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement, according to a statement released by the mayor’s office.

“It is in the country’s best interest to take climate change seriously,” Bowser said in the release. “As the nation’s capital, we have a special obligation to create policies and implement programs that protect our environment.”

After President Trump’s announcement last week that the U.S. will withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord, Mayor Bowser, along with nearly 200 U.S. Mayors representing 52 million Americans, committed to adopt, uphold and honor the goals of the Paris agreement.

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Department of Energy and Environment Director Tommy Wells said he was proud to stand with Mayor Bowser.

“Now, more than ever, is the time for cities to step up to the plate.” Wells said in the release.

A couple of things the city is already doing includes reducing green house emissions from city buildings. In order to do that, it has signed a 5 year, 100 million dollar contract with a company whose job will be to reduce emissions. It will also spend half a billion dollars over the next 15 years on solar projects, along with investments in wind power.

The Bowser Administration has pledged to cut carbon emissions by 80 percent by 2050.