The Supreme Court is hearing a case Tuesday regarding gerrymandering which has caught the attention of none-other-than former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The case Gill v. Whitford challenges the controversial practice wherein the state redraws district lines, often to create a partisan advantage.

Schwarzeneggar joined countless others rallying to end gerrymandering outside of Supreme Court on Tuesday morning. Using his famous “Terminator” voice, Schwarzeneggar said that, “it’s time to terminate gerrymandering.”

In this case, federal judges in Wisconsin found that the Wisconsin State Assembly map, drawn up by Republicans in 2011, violated the first and 14th amendments. This was considered unconstitutional partisan gerrymandering as the redistricting disproportionately affected Democratic voters. Tuesday, the Supreme Court, which began its new term on Monday with all nine Justices’ seats filled, will hear arguments.

The decision could potentially change how gerrymandering is viewed in courts. For example, if ruled in favor of the plaintiffs, gerrymandering can be challenged in other states, bringing up further discussion on partisan bias.

In 2004, the Supreme Court ruled in Vieth v. Jubelirer that gerrymandering cases were “non-justiciable” meaning they had no place in Supreme Court and would not be ruled unconstitutional.

Twitter users are using the hashtag #FairMaps to express their opinions about the case.