Prince William County prosecutors said the shooting of a 15-year-old holding a crowbar was justified, adding that the teen refused at least five times to drop the crowbar when police arrived at his home Friday.

Commonwealth's Attorney Paul B. Ebert said he did not believe dealy force could have been avoided, noting the teen was wearing a jacket and implied explosives could have been underneath.

"It's always tragic when a young person loses his life... But there comes a time when police have to do their jobs," Ebert said.

"He said he would have no objection to him shooting him."

Ebert (D) added that the teen held a crowbar three feet in length, and that he was bearing his brother's girlfriend.

Police converged on the Haymarket neighborhood Friday, after the teen called 911 and said he was holding his mother hostage with a knife.

Officers also received information en route that the 15-year-old could have a bomb inside the tow home.

According to law enforcement officials, an officer opened fire when the Battlefield High School student disobeyed commands to drop his crowbar.

First responders performed CPR in front of the home, but the teenager was pronounced dead at the scene.