If you've surfed the internet anytime over the last four days, there is a good chance you have seen Keaton Jones' emotional plea against bullying.

The video has been viewed over 20 million times. Celebrities ranging from Snoop Dogg to Dr. Phil have also reached out to the young Tennessee boy to show their support.

However, the family behind the video has recently come under scrutiny. Some people online have called Keaton's mother racist, claiming to have found one of her Facebook posts where the Jones family stands in front of a Confederate flag. Others have also accused Keaton's family of using the N-Word.

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The mother's Facebook page was set to private when the controversy first broke, but a woman claiming to be Keaton's sister has since denied all those accusations on her Twitter account.

The woman, @Lakyn_Jones on Twitter, wrote her family is not racist and that her brother does not use the "N" word. She also said a lot of people are creating fake social media accounts to impersonate the family.

A GoFundMe account that was set up to benefit Keaton has also gotten a lot of attention. A New Jersey man, with no direct relationship to Keaton's family, set up the account to support Keaton's future education. It has raised closed to $60,000. On Monday, the organizer announced that he paused all donations to the account.

WUSA9 reached out to GoFundMe about the account. A spokesperson said the company was working with the account's organizer to ensure the funds go to Keaton's family.

But, it does not appear that family wants the money. Keaton's sister wrote on Twitter that her family has no plans to accept any funds.