A morning commute turned into a shocking road rage encounter on a highway in Southern California.

The video starts as the motorcyclist caught up to a car and kicked the side of it. The driver then swerved into the biker, but swerved again—hitting the barrier.

The car then careened across two lanes and hit a pickup truck, causing it to flip over.

"It's clear there was an altercation between the motorcycle and the sedan,” said Officer Josh Greengard with the California Highway Patrol.

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Highway patrol officials believe the motorcyclist and driver had been shouting at each other before the crash and that the drive of the car may have crossed into the carpool lane illegally moments before the camera started recording.

“It could have been a tragedy for anyone involved. We’re lucky no one died,” said Greengard.

The motorcyclist took off from the scene. The highway patrol is looking for him.

They say the truck driver suffered minor injuries.