While some people are boycotting Twitter Friday in response to Rose McGowan’s suspension using the hashtag #WomenBoycottTwitter, others are using the hashtag #WOCAffirmation to instead elevate the voices of women of color.

The hashtag was created by Twitter user and activist April Reign as some users prepared to log off Twitter late Thursday night, protesting what they say is Twitter’s dismal response to abuse of women on its platform.
Reign instead Tweeted that she would use her platform to amplify women of color on Twitter, creating the hashtag #WOCAffirmation.

Reign, a former lawyer who currently resides in D.C., is known for starting the hashtag #OscarsSoWhite, where she criticized the lack of diversity in the 2015 Oscar nomination list.

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Reign wasn’t the only one who took issue with #WomenBoycottTwitter. Director Ava DuVernay and writer Roxane Gay both questioned the hashtag on Twitter.

DuVernay wrote that women of color haven't received the same support and outrage on Twitter while Gay echoed similar sentiments.

Meanwhile, Reign’s hashtag has taken off, inspiring Tweets from users who are using it to showcase their own artwork, writing, and other projects.

CNN’s Tanzina Vega used it to discuss the book she’s writing.

McGowan’s account has since been reinstated. Twitter says that one of McGowan’s tweets included a personal cell phone number, violating their terms and conditions. Once the Tweet was deleted, McGowan’s account was unlocked.