ORLANDO — Hundreds waited in line for hours Saturday to get tattoos remembering the victims of Sunday's mass shootings at an Orlando nightclub.

Stigma Tattoo and Bar offered a $50 tattoo deal that would donate the proceeds to help victims' families in the wake of the shooting at Pulse nightclub that left 49 dead.

"We expected big but we didn't expect this big at all," said Christa Larsen, a volunteer with the business.

"We've got about seven artists in there working on people. They had to call in some extra artists so we're just working on it as diligently and as fast as we can."

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Antaeus Schembri said he came out to "show support to the city that I love." He said he's getting a tattoo on his forearm area of "Orlando" with a heart symbol.

"The reason why I picked that is because Orlando's in black and it's got the heart there. It's kinda looking over the city in a dark time," he said.

"I'm getting one that says Pulse," said Erik Shapiro. "Just to show my support. I used to go to Pulse every week, every Wednesday and the occasional Saturdays here and there. I just haven't had a chance to donate until today."

Christopher Sousa was getting his third tattoo, but said he didn't hesitate when he heard about the offer.

"It's just a little something, a little $50 to donate and we know it's going to the families that have lost their loved ones," he said.

Sousa said he had already waited hours for his tattoo and figured it might be that long before he had work done.

Larsen said she contacted the shop Monday and they were immediately receptive.

"It's mind-blowing. It's absolutely mind-blowing," Larsen said about the response. "When I got here, this line was already wrapped around the corner and now it goes all the way around the building."

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