Spartanburg, SC (WSPA/CBS) - Sharaia Walker, a Spartanburg mother, defended her family by shooting a man in the buttocks who she says broke into her house looking for money.

Samuel Jeter was recently arrested and charged with burglary first degree. Jeter broke into Walker’s home on Gentry Street in the city’s Beamont Community around midnight.

Walker bought a gun three months ago and certainly did not think she would ever have to use it. She has lived in her home for seven years with no issues. However, when that masked intruder threatened her family, she says she knew what she had to do to make him leave.

The creek of a bedroom door opening and quickly closing was the only clue for Sharaia Walker that something was not right. This quick thinking mom remained calm even while faced a huge threat to her family.

“He's standing here and I look to my left and he's like shhhh. And I was like no I'm not going to be quiet, who are you, get out of my, get out," Walker said.

Inside the home were Walker’s two kids, her sister and her mother who were all asleep until they heard Sharaia scream.

Alexis Walker, sister of Sharaia Walker, saw the masked intruder in her home. "I walked out my bedroom door and just seen a big guy, standing out in the hallway with a ski mask on, she goes to get her gun, I was unaware at the time, I go to get my bat, cause either way he's going to leave here hurt."

It wasn’t until after she says the intruder wrestled her mother to the floor demanding money that Sharaia Walker got her 9 millimeter. She fired the gun twice after realizing that she shot Jeter.

Walker’s neighbor, Joe Neff pointed out the blood still on his fence from when the suspect jumped the fence.

Neither Neff nor Spartanburg police knew exactly where the suspect was in the dark of night. The K-9 scent lead them to a man with at least two bullet wounds two his rear and leg.

Major Art Littlejohn, of Spartanburg Police, confirms “If you feel your life is in danger, you feel like the life of someone else is in danger, then you are able to use deadly force."

“I'm proud of her, cause this is just something you know, you see on the news, you don't think it's going to happen to you, and it happened to us," says Sharaia Walker’s mother, Katrina Walker.

None of the women or children in this home were hurt and no money was stolen.

The gun, which Walker named Barbara, is now in evidence.