LAND O’ LAKES, Fla. –There are big changes in the massive sinkhole in Pasco County, and now two more homes are condemned.

County officials say they noticed bucking and foundation shifting Friday and had the contractor in charge of cleaning up stop. They also said that between Thursday and Saturday, there was another 20 to 30 feet of loss in the banks of the sinkhole. At its widest point, it's 260 feet across.. There’s still not a verified depth, but they believe it’s around 50 feet deep.

According to Kevin Guthrie with Pasco Co., this was anticipated. They believe it may have been caused by the heavy machinery there for the cleanup.

Two additional homes have been condemned because of signs of the shifting foundation and cracks.

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As far as if it’s an active sinkhole, they can’t tell for sure. Geologists will have to make that determination.

They also saw bubbling in the sinkhole, which was also anticipated, but it does change how they’re attacking cleanup. That means there’s likely debris that plugged up a hole.

The cleanup crew will bring in 27 dump trucks of crushed lime rock to try to build a ramp into the hole so they can get the debris out.

Their priorities right now are to get the debris out of the sinkhole and get the water decontaminated.

A special ops crew will be on scene all day Saturday because of the instability.Photos: Sinkhole swallows two Pasco County homes