Candace Braden woke up one morning in late January to find her dog had lost his personality.

Four-year-old Finn, a normally energetic and friendly boxer/blue heeler mix, was stiff and unresponsive. His jaw was locked. His brown eyes, barely open, couldn’t register his owner’s panicked face.

He was high. But Braden didn’t know that yet.

“I was pretty much having a nervous breakdown,” Braden said. “It’s really scary to see your baby like that.”

Braden’s situation is more common than you might expect. Finn was one of the hundreds of dogs treated for marijuana toxicity at Fort Collins animal hospitals in the last year. Veterinarians at Fort Collins Veterinary Emergency and Rehabilitation Hospital said they see between 5 and 10 cases each week, and they’ve noticed an uptick since recreational marijuana became legal in Colorado.

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