The WUSA9 Special Assignment Unit had questions about whether President Trump's DC hotel followed President Trump's directive to the federal government, to buy American.

And hundreds of you had questions, about our time inside that Trump hotel room, and how we did our reporting.

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On Facebook Brenton Colbert asked, "Isn't he [President Trump] separated from his business assets?

The answer is no. Shortly before he was inaugurated, President Trump said he would maintain ownership of his global business empire but hand off control to his two oldest sons while President. Which means that the Trump International Hotel is his.

Sandra Espin Jones asked, "As a US citizen you should be purchasing USA made only too. Are you?"

Good question! A tour of the WUSA9 newsroom is a lot like a tour of the Trump International Hotel. Our computers are Dell. That's an American company based in Texas. Flip them over though and the computers themselves are made in China. So are the chairs, phones and TVs in our newsroom. Heck, even the bobble head that sits on a producer desk is made in China.

Our WUSA9 jackets are from LL Bean, but made in Thailand.

But hey at least our Kleenex is made in the USA.

Which brings us to Ryan Goodines question about what it would cost the federal government to follow the President's directive to buy American. Goodines posts "Our tax dollars will continue to increase as things are more costly to purchase here."

And Import Genius, the experts we worked with on this story, said that's true. It's the reason hotel chains rely so much on imported goods. It costs less.

Finally, Jean Marie came through with the question of the day: "Are you all going to clean up the mess you made of that room?"

We are happy to report we did!

Jean also suggested we tip housekeeping. And truth be told, we didn't. And probably should have.

Next time. But we did tip the bellhop!