It's only 10 days until President-elect Donald Trump is sworn in.

Leading up to the inauguration, we’re talking to you. We call it Your City, Your Voice.

WUSA9 is hitting the streets. You tell us what’s on your mind.

Joyce Love is from Accokeek in Prince George’s County. She does not like how Trump acts, but she agrees with his stance on immigration.

“I kinda like where he’s going with that because I think that because I think there should be some control over who comes into the country and who doesn’t come into the country. Also, some of the people who are coming here are really doing things that they shouldn’t really be doing," she said.

For Tuesday, we're digging into Trump’s immigration promises.

Mexico’s foreign minister said again there is no way it is paying for a wall.

“We will build the wall one-hundred percent," said Trump.

It is perhaps his biggest campaign promise, which was uttered hundreds of times on the trail.

In our Your City, Your Voice booth, some say they want to see it.

“They’re not legal, so why not," said Love.

The Trump Transition team has a seven-point plan. It says Mexico must pay billions for the wall or all wire transfers to Mexico would be cutoff.

“The notion that we're going to track every Western Union good luck with that,” said President Obama.

Now Trump appears to acknowledge that Americans, not Mexicans, will write the check.

Last week, he tweeted “Any money spent on building the great wall (for sake of speed) will be paid back by Mexico later.”

Trump will need the help of the new Republican congress. His own party-men seem prepared to pay by as soon as April. It could cost more than a billion dollars.

We’re still out there, talking to you in person and online.

People said they’re worried about another one of Trump’s immigration proposals: an outright Muslim ban.

Trump’s own pick for attorney general, Jeff Sessions, said he’s against it.