We asked you to make a donation of the heart on Tuesday – and you responded.

WUSA9's Lesli Foster is personally grateful for everyone who gave dresses, gave hugs and shared their personal stories about why it was important for them to donate a treasured part of your life to bring comfort to other families.

One mother has waited 50 years for the chance to do it.

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Jeanie Lynch still has their birth certificates of her twin boys. But she doesn't have any photos of her two baby boys - who arrived two months early. 

As any parent knows, you never get over the loss of a child. Jeannie still feels the tinge in her heart - and a catch in her throat over how she had to say goodbye.

"Those babies of mine, they became part of the medical waste product of the hospital. And I think that's the hardest part for me to get over," said Jeannie. 

"So to know that a child is going to be buried in an outfit that was made with love, that's perfect," she said. 

The dress that Jeanie donated could create dozens of special gifts for babies who don't get to make it home from the hospital.

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On Tuesday, we received 78 dresses in person. But together with online pledges and emails – Forever Angels of Virginia received 378 dresses.

The oldest dress was from 1951 and the newest from 2008.

If you’d like to donate a gown, or make a financial donation – go to Forever Angels of Virginia website.