Beware of flying sheets of ice out on the roads. In the wake of the snow storm this, drivers's windshields and hoods have been damaged and some people have been hurt.

A woman was cut and bloodied after her windshield was shattered by ice flying off a car.

Caliber Collision in Tysons Corner told WUSA9 that the woman walked into their body shop right after the frightening incident on Wednesday.

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Dashcam video posted on YouTube from Wednesday shows a driver approaching Springfield, Va. on I-95 shows a chunk of snow flying off an SUV and hitting the windshield. No damage in that case, but last night on I-95 in Maryland, another driver wasn't so lucky. His windshield had a huge gaping hole sliced through the middle.

He was shaken up, but thankful nobody was not hurt. Snow left on the top of a car or even a large rig can turn into ice and create quite a hazard for other drivers.

"It was a large sheet of ice, about three-four feet," said Christie Lopez whose Trailblazer was damaged on Waxpool Road.

"It scared me...I slammed on the brakes, but it wasn't enough," said Lopez.

She says it flew off the roof of a white Honda Pilot, smashing her hood and chipping her windshield.

Lopez says she tries to keep a distance from cars who don't clear off the snow...but in this case, she couldn't see the snow on the roof, because vehicle was white.

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She says she's thankful she wasn't hurt

"Part of me is thankful it hit my car," she said.

The ice flew onto the small sedan behind her, and she feels it could have shattered that driver's windshield and possibly hurt the people inside if it had hit them first.

Lopez received an estimate of $1229,22 to repair her hood. The Honda Pilot did not stop, but Lopez got the license plate and gave it to her insurance company.