We now know the woman who was attacked by a rabid fox Monday in Great Falls, Va. The victim was former longtime editor at USA Today Linda Kauss.

Kauss' husband Clark Hoyt says his wife was on her daily walk when the fox attacked her for about 10 minutes.

"She said at one point the fox knocked her to the ground and was on top of her, she kept hitting it with her cell phone, which is the only thing she had with her," said Hoyt.

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Hoyt says his wife is a trooper and in good spirits despite losing three pints of blood and experiencing horrible injuries to her arms and legs. She will require surgery on Friday and skin grafts in the future.

Kauss ran to her neighbors house for help as the fox chased after her. Hoyt says his neighbors wrapped her bloody legs with towels, saving her life. He can not thank them enough.

The fox then ran about a mile way to Chesapeake Drive to the home of Alex Eslamipour and his wife Patricia Floreno. The fox attacked their cat, Vida. After a fight, Eslamipour hit the fox with a large log, knocking it out. It was only then that they were able to put the fox in a cage.

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Animal control arrived and euthanized the fox. The fox tested positive for rabies on Tuesday.

As for Kauss, she still has a long recovery, but could be released from Inova Fairfax Hospital as soon as Saturday.