A 180° flip in the weather for the start to the weekend in comparison to much of this past work week. We'll be trading in the 80s for 50s, and shorts for multiple coats.

Behind a cold front that moves through late Friday, the taste of winter arrives.

As winds pick up this evening and tonight, temperatures will drop. While the temps are dropping as the colder air arrives, the atmosphere will try to 'wring out' any moisture leftover. A few sprinkles will be possible closer to the mountains, but in higher elevations it will be cold enough for flurries or even some wet snow bursts above 3000ft!

Wow- look at this chilly Wake Up temps Saturday morning! Unfortunately, gusty winds means it will feel even colder.

Saturday will be a windy and cold day. Highs will be stuck in the 50s and winds will continue to gust 30+ mph.

That means a brutal forecast for those heading to college football games. Howard University plays at 1p on Saturday and Navy plays Saturday afternoon at 3:30p. Maryland kicks off in the evening at 7:30- that'll be brutal for fans! Dress in warm layers and consider earmuffs or a warm hat- especially for kids!

Sunday looks a little better with more sunshine and temperatures back in the 60s. But it looks like fall will be sticking around with highs each afternoon in the 60s.