The spirit of Christmas was alive and well at FedEx Field today.

That's where Washington's Charitable Foundation partnered with the Marines and Santa Claus to make some holiday wishes come true.

The event started off with a catered lunch.

Tight End Vernon Davis tried to make the kids laugh, and Niles Paul tried to pawn off his peas to unsuspecting lunch-mates.

Others learned the finer points of being a cheerleader.

Lunchtime was just a preamble to a visit to Santa's workshop.

Santa was waiting inside with Marines as they escorted kids for a Christmas version of hide and seek.

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Once the children saw their name on the locker, that's where they would stop.

The present inside was specially chosen just for them.

The children would count to ten and then open their presents.

Children got cars, games and sports equipment.

200 students from 6 elementary schools in the DMV had the time of their lives.

Since they came in by groups, between groups, Santa's elves came out and replaced the packages and presents for the next group of kids.

Niles Paul, apparently a bit of an UNO aficionado, took an interest in one gift.

He and lucky recipient busted open her UNO set for a quick game.

Another favorite moment was when a little boy who asked for a football, got to play catch with a real-life NFL pro in a professional stadium.

This was truly a once in a lifetime experience for the children that they will remember forever.