Editor's note: An earlier version of this story stated that neither young man’s family spoke at the vigil. It has been updated.

In Charles County, two Westlake High School seniors died Friday night in a car accident. They were the third and fourth young men in their high school class to die this year.

Westlake High School’s longest year started before classes even began.

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"I miss Caleb every day," said Pam Horne, Caleb Horne's mother. "And everything reminds me of him."

Caleb Horne had what his fellow musicians call “big ears,” but it was an enlarged heart that lead to his death in July. On Wednesday, his mother pushed aside her own pain to comfort others.

"I know that it may not look like it right now, but you will get through this," said Caleb's mother.

Under the lights at the school’s football stadium, hundreds gathered on Wednesday to mourn the four seniors who died this year – from a class of about three hundred.

A bullet took Ruelle Hicks’ life in October. His girlfriend will give birth to his son in June.

There was little hope in stopping the tears for friends of Colin Bipat and Desmond Cooke – killed Friday in a car accident.

Two family members, Roderick Compton and Rhonda Kelly, spoke on behalf of the Cooke family.

"He was always laughing, listening to music. Loved to dance. Loved to sing songs. He was never sad or down," Markayla Connor, friend of Colin Bipat.

Markayla Connor considered Bipat a good friend.

"He’s the one I actually talked to every single day, and the fact that I’m not seeing him no more really hurts me. And it really doesn’t make me want to come to school, because I don’t see him," said Connor.

On Wednesday night, their teachers, parents and friends all urged these students to keep coming back, to keep living, only in that could they pass this test no high school student should have to face.