An Arlington, Virginia family is mourning the death of their father and husband after he was killed in the Maryland workplace shooting Wednesday.

Bayarsaukhan Tudev, 53, had worked at Advanced Granite Solutions for about 10 years.

On Wednesday, he was one of the three people killed after his co-worker, Radee Labeeb Prince, opened fire at their workplace.

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His family says Prince was a person they had heard about.

Tudev's daughter, 26-year-old Suvd Bayarsakhan, said that her father was concerned about Prince. She said Tudev told them he was a cold, angry man who did not get along with others and picked fights. She added that her father tried to be nice to Prince by talking to him.

Prince shot Tudev and four other co-workers in Maryland, then drove to Wilmington, Delaware, and shot an acquaintance in the head at a used car lot, police in Maryland and Delaware said.

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Vayarsakhan and her mother say their Christian beliefs allow them to forgive, but they are so very sad.

Bararsaukhan Tudev and his family. (Photo courtesy:Bararsaukhan Tudev's family)

Vayarsakhan and her parents immigrated from Mongolia in 2005 to Arlington. She attended Yorktown high school. She has two older brothers who remained in Mongolia but they are on their way to Virginia to attend their father's funeral.

Living in the United States was a lifelong dream for her father.