Social media can be cathartic but what if you want your support of Charlottesville to go beyond a hashtag? We researched just a few ways you can help.

1. Reach out your local churches, schools, or civic groups and attend a rallies.

2. The Southern Poverty Law Center even suggests writing a letter to members of Congress or local newspapers about taking down confederate monuments that are still standing. There are 1500 of them around the country. The Law Center has a map and a sample letter for you.

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3. We can also talk about it. While the conversations are difficult they are necessary. Experts suggest talking to each other and our children about acceptance and tolerance.

4. Finally, you can donate money, but beware of the scams. WUSA9 contacted GoFundMe directly to find out which campaigns are legitimate. Right now, 5 campaigns are active. The company is working with organizers and guarantee the money raised goes to the right people.