RICHMOND, Va. (WUSA9) -- Hillary Clinton's running mate blasted Donald Trump for his criticism of a Muslim-American couple whose son died fighting for this country.

Senator Tim Kaine rallied in his home city and state of Virginia, where the Khans are from and the crowd ate it up.

"It's an exciting day and it's great to welcome Tim Kaine home," reflected a Democrat who came out to watch Kaine at his first solo rally in his bid for the Vice Presidency.

"I do think Virginia has given the nation a wonderful leader," said another Richmond democrat who came to watch their hometown hero.

After an introduction from his wife Anne Holton, Kaine gave a detailed speech about the Clinton-Kaine platform, including a plan to create jobs, raising the minimum wage, debt-free college, immigration reform, and clean energy. Then he talked about character.

"Is there anybody in this place who believes Donald Trump?" Kaine asked the crowd.

A loud "no" thundered back from the crowd. Kaine called Hillary Clinton a "bridge builder."

Trump, a "trash talker." "We are too great a nation to put in the hands of a slick-talking, empty-promising, self-promoting one-man wrecking crew," said Kaine.

And he criticized Trump for his attack on the Khans, a Muslim Virginia family whose army captain son was killed in Iraq.

"Is there no limit to which this guy will descend? Trashing the family of a war hero? Trashing John McCain for being a POW? Saying the American military is a disaster when two million Americans volunteer for their country at a time of war? And this guy wants to be commander in chief?"

"No," the crowd screamed back.

"We do not want an idiot for president, that would be Donald trump," said Bridget, a young Democrat at the rally.

"Everything he said is true. Right on point," two women agreed.

"He cares. He truly, truly cares. It's genuine. He's not a fake. He's not a con man," said another. "Hillary's lucky to be on his ticket," one supporter summed up.