On Monday, the Fairfax County Police Chief revealed to the public that video footage exists of a fatal US Park Police shooting that grabbed headlines across the country.

Bijan Ghaisar, 25, was shot by US Park Police on November 17 following a police pursuit along the George Washington Parkway. According to a US Park Police Spokesperson, Ghaisar never shot at officers. Ghaisar's family attorney also claims that he never had a gun.

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Fairfax County Police Chief Edwin Roessler told reporters during a press conference that a Fairfax County police officer joined that pursuit to provide backup. Roessler said that same officer also happened to have turned on his in-car camera. The chief said that camera ultimately recorded part of the pursuit and the eventual shooting of Ghaisar.

Roessler said his department turned over the video to the FBI after the shooting. The FBI is conducting an investigation of the entire incident.

Roessler said he would like to see the video be released before the end of the FBI's investigation so the public could learn the entire story of what happened.

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However, he said the video should also not be released before the FBI wraps up its interviews with officers. Roessler said he was concerned if the video was released to soon, it could interfere with the FBI's investigation.

Since the shooting, two US Park Police officers have been placed on administrative leave.