Some classroom signs are causing controversy in an Arlington County public school.

Several teachers recently displayed signs at Yorktown High School that read:

Facts are not political
Diversity strengthens us
Science is real
Women's rights are human rights
Justice is for all
We're all immigrants
Kindness is everything

Yorktown Senior John Piper said he agrees with statements like "Justice for All", but he ultimately feels the sign, altogether, is politically biased.

"The signs are double speak," he said. "They have double meaning to them."

READ: Signs cause controversy at Yorktown High School

He points to specific phrases like "We're all immigrants", which he feels references the current political debate over immigration in the country. Piper told WUSA9 he believes such signs, whether they're conservative or liberal, have no place in the classroom.

Piper, and some fellow conservatives, echoed that point at a school board meeting Thursday. However, there were also people at the meeting who disagreed with him.

Yorktown Senior Graham Weinschenk said the signs should stay up in the school, especially since some minority students claim they have been the target of hurtful comments.

"This is a sign that when you look at what it says and look at the values that it stands for, it's something that every student can agree with." he said.

The signs are still up in the school. A spokesperson said no decision has been as to whether they will be taken down.