Northern Virginia schools are on high alert today after crazed clowns took to social media threatening to kill students and teachers.

The Instagram posts show insane clowns and emojis of knives and bombs.

Many schools were named in the posts; including some in Arlington, Alexandria and Woodbridge.

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In response, police are on high alert. Security has been increased at the schools.

"If someone threatened to bring a knife to school then that's a threat. This is serious. It's not a joke if someone dresses as a clown yes that can be funny, but bringing a knife to school with kids around is not funny," said parent Ahmad Mozaffar.

"I think taking to your kids is essential. They have to watch their surroundings and be careful who they talk to. Parent have to tell them the dangers that are out there," said Rula Zaitoun.

In just the last few weeks, the creepy clown craze spread to several states. At least a dozen people have been arrested for making false reports or participating in the spooky stunts.

Clowns on social media are also threatening Stafford County public schools. Authorities determined those postings are not credible. They said there have been no legitimate sightings of clowns. However, security was also stepped up at schools Monday.

You may remember about a week ago two teens were arrested for wearing clown masks and chasing children in Henrico County.

In Virginia, it is against the law for anyone over the age of 16 to wear a clown mask to conceal their identity.

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October 3, 2016
Dear Parents and Guardians,
As you might have seen on television and social media, there is a growing concern surrounding clowns and threats to schools. Stafford County Public Schools and Stafford County Sheriff’s Office are aware of the threats involving clowns on social media. These social media postings concerning our school division are not credible. While there have been reports, law enforcement determined there have been no legitimate sightings of clowns. However, in an abundance of caution, law enforcement has enhanced security procedures throughout the school division and patrols are on high alert. Please be assured that safety and security is a top priority for SCPS.Stafford County Public Schools