Debate is raging over a huge Confederate flag that flies next to I-95 in Stafford County, Va.

Many residents that massive Confederate flag taken down.

It's visible from the highway and some say it doesn't send a welcoming message to Stafford. It's been up for years, but after recent events in Charlottesville the conversation has come up again, this time before the Stafford County Board of Supervisors meeting Tuesday night.

“Do your damn job. That flag stands for hate, the KKK, the league of the south and Nazis. You did nothing,” said one public speaker.

Another man told the Board, “It's history, it's on a flag on a pole it's on private property so who are we as a county to tell somebody what they can or cannot do on that private property.”

Supervisors say because the flag is on private property, their hands are tied. Those who want the flag gone are planning a protest in October.