Gainesville residents took to the streets Saturday to fight against Dominion Power.

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The protested the construction of high voltage power lines on Carver Rd. Those lines would serve a nearby Amazon data center.

Residents of the historically black neighborhood, especially people who live along Carver Rd., said the power lines would destroy their community. They say the power lines are unhealthy and might force some residents out.

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Dominion said that they would not displace residents. Dominion's statement from Energy Spokesman Chuck Penn

"We don't have a quarrel with the Carver Road community. The Carver route was not and is not our preference; it wasn’t our regulator's first choice. We offered it only after the best route was blocked by the County and because we have an obligation to provide alternatives.
Prince William County's rapid growth requires more energy. While we remain committed to a collaborative solution, we think it is unfair to ask our other customers to pay $100 million to meet Corey Stewart's demands."