Swearing, bullying and hate speech can get your account shutdown on Facebook and Twitter.

But what about asking Twitter users to "unfollow" the President?

A Loudoun County woman believes that's what got her Twitter account frozen twice this week.

Joyce Lawton, 69, is a grandma who lives with her extended family and lots of ponies in Hillsboro, Va.

"Got into a little bit of an incident with Twitter this week," Lawton explained.

On Tuesday, she tweeted this:

"11-8-17 (which is the anniversary of the election) is STOP FOLLOWING TRUMP DAY. Tweet all you want, but if you're not a fan, please unfollow him. It will hurt him where it hurts most."

All of a sudden, her account was shutdown. For hours. Until she read and signed Twitter's rules, including the one about harassment, which she thinks she broke.

"If I'm inciting others to harass or unfollow another account. Which is basically what I was doing. For one day," said Lawton.

On Friday, her account back up, she tried again, leaving out a few letters of the word unfollow. And her account was frozen again. Until she agreed to those same rules once more.

But she thinks there's a double standard when it comes to what Trump tweets about many people.

"Calls a gold star widow a liar. Representatives and senators liars, scum, losers, this that and the other thing. To me, that's damaging them. And, to me, Twitter has no problem with him posting anything he wants," said Lawton.

Lawton says she's not asking Trump's loyal base to unfollow him.

"I'm just calling for those who don't support him to get off his page for a day. So that he knows that not everybody that you think supports you, does support you. Not only are your numbers going down in the polls, your numbers on Twitter are false," Lawton said.

Joyce Lawton has only 30 followers on Twitter. Donald Trump has more than 41 million, making him the 21st most followed account.

Barak Obama has 96 million followers which is the third most popular account.

Katy Perry is number one with 105 million followers.