Residents in a Stafford County neighborhood claim an abandoned swimming pool is causing headaches for the community.

The pool is located in Falmouth along Wythe Court. It used to be the home of a local swim club, however in recent years, it has become infested with algae, mosquitoes and even some snakes.

Neighbors nearby have called the pool a nuisance property.

"My neighbor's son's arm is full of mosquito bite sores because he comes outside and he gets eaten up," said neighbor Jennifer Williams.

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Susan Armstrong, 76, lives right next to the pool. She said the mosquitoes from the pool have become so prevalent that it impedes her ability to go outside.

"Heck, I get bitten going out to get the mail," she said.

Roy Wingrove bought the pool in December 2014 with plans to remove the structure and place three new homes on top of the redeveloped land.

However, that plan has yet to move forward. He told WUSA9 he still needs the approval of the Stafford County Planning Commission to rezone the land to a higher density. He said it would be cost prohibitive to take out the pool without that zoning approval.

"To remove the pool, I would absorb all the expenses in removing the pool, and then I still have to be able to build the houses, and then all I have is one lot to build one house," Wingrove said.

Stafford County Public Information Officer Shannon Howell gave the following statement regarding the pool issue: "This issue is scheduled to go to our Planning Commission very soon and is running through the normal process."

Stafford County Supervisor Meg Bohmke said both Stafford County and Wingrove have agreed to have the pool drained by September 5.

Wingrove previously had chemicals poured into the pool to stop any further mosquito growth.