Some Loudoun County parents are offended by an advertisement that was put together by the local school system.

The Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) system created an ad to promote its mobile app last week. The ad asked in a headline, "Are you that mom?".

The ad went on to read: "The mom who is uncertain what the first day of school is but thinks it might be a Thursday. The mom who missed the PTA meeting. The mom who can't remember what time soccer practice ends... Don't let your yoga pants get tied in a knot this back-to-school season! Download the LCPS app and stay ahead of the game."

LCPS parent Huyen MacMichael said she couldn't believe the ad when she saw it. She found it to be misogynistic and sexist.

"I have a daughter and I have a son," she said. "And, I don't want them to get this message that women belong in the house, that women are flaky."

MacMichael added that she was also offended by the characters that were included in the ad. It had two tigers, one of which appeared to be a mom driving a car.

"There's a racial reference to Tiger Moms being Asian moms that push their kids a little too hard," she said.

There were two different versions of the ad. It was first posted as a video online and on Facebook Tuesday. A spokesperson with LCPS said a small print ad then appeared in the Loudoun County Public Schools Annual Report, which was published in the Loudoun Times-Mirror on Thursday.

LCPS said the video has since been pulled from online.

"We produced the video using broad satire, hoping people would not mind a little fun being poked at an outlandish depiction of the hectic lifestyle in our area," said LCPS Public Information Officer Wayde Byard. "We apologize to anyone who might have been offended."
The video cost the LCPS Public Information Office $152 to create. LCPS said it received about 22,000 views.