Republican Corey Stewart announced his candidacy for the U.S. Senate on Thursday at his Woodbridge home. In the outspoken conservative's firebrand way, he said he planned to run "the most vicious, ruthless campaign to dethrone Tim Kaine from the United States Senate."

He said that democrats were unhappy with Kaine's job both in the Senate and as Hillary Clinton's vice presidential running mate.

Not true, says Harry Wiggins, chair of the Prince William County Democratic Party.

"Tim Kaine was a very popular governor and he's a very popular senator, across the state and across all ideologies," said Wiggins who blasted Stewart. "He's not mainstream. He's negative. He's always been negative. He's done a lousy job as Chairman of the PWC Board of Supervisors. He's never there. He's been running for governor for a year now he's going to run for U.S. Senate. He totally ignores Prince William County," said Wiggins. "He'd run for dog catcher if he could," Wiggins said, implying that Stewart just likes the limelight.

Stewart does like a fight. "These last four weeks have been excruciating for me. Being outside of the ring is painful. I need to be back in it," said Stewart.

"As an obedient servant to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, Tim Kaine is the leading obstructionist against Trump's America First agenda," Stewart said. "Virginians and citizens across the country need a fighter representing them in D.C. who will stand up to and defeat the smug Washington elites."

Sen. Kaine has been a vocal critic of President Trump and his administration's possible ties to Russia's attempt to influence the election.

Stewart called the FBI investigation into that question "a witch hunt."

"This last election proved that Virginians want a fighter who will stand for them. The era of the kinder, gentler Republican is over."

"Virginia needs a U.S. Senator who will work to fund the border wall, fix our tax code, repeal Obamacare, and get government out of the way so Americans can get back to work," Stewart said.

Democrat Wiggins said Stewart ran for Governor as a white supremacist taking a strong stand to keep Confederate monuments and statues standing.

"The Clinton and Obama ideologues have controlled Virginia for too long, and it's time to turn Virginia red again," Stewart said, "and no weak-kneed Republican is up to that task," Stewart asserted. "I will be the fighter the Republicans need to defeat the Democrats in Virginial," said Stewart.

Corey Stewart is a Republican Candidate for Senate, Former State Chairman for Donald Trump, and At-Large Board of County Supervisors Chairman of Prince William.