WUSA9 is continuing to learn more about the Catholic priest who came clean about his previous involvement with the KKK.

Father William Aitcheson worked at six different churches across Virginia.

While his bosses knew he was a former KKK member, parishioners had no idea.

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One of the towns where Father Aitcheson worked was Woodstock, Virginia.

It is a small town that is about 95 miles outside of D.C.

Though the town may be small, the people who live there said it's still very lively.

People are known to take care of each other and be friendly.

It is also a place where they never expected for a pastor who was assigned to a church in town have such a dark and troubling past.

St. John Bosco Catholic Church is the place where father William Aitcheson was assigned as an administrator back in 2000.

Two years later he was upgraded to the pastor of the parish before he left in 2005.

This church has some long-time members who described him.

They said that he was a nice guy who enjoyed talking to people and getting to know the community.

The mailman even said that Aitcheson baptized one of his children.

While many of the people in town are glad to forgive father Aitcheson, they said that he should've come forward a lot sooner about his past.

Father Aitcheson wrote he released the editorial letter of this to apologize, seek redemption, and to let his story be an example of someone who turned their life around.