A Culpeper officer is being hailed a hero after he saved an infant from choking.

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The officer says it all happened in a matter of seconds and it’s still emotional to think about.

"I was shaking. It was, you get such a rush out of it. I knew that the child was okay but it's still just scary. It was just small and father mode kicked in,” said Culpeper K9 Officer, Dave Cole.

Police say it was just before 9 p.m. last Wednesday when Alexa choked on milk. Her father tried infant CPR, but it didn't work. Officer Cole happened to be about a block away when he heard the 911 call go through dispatch and responded.

"I could just see when he handed it to me that it was in distress and turning color,” Officer. Cole said.

Officer Cole gave one-month-old Alexa Rosales three blows to the back. She started breathing again and later got the all clear from the hospital.

The next day the family met up with Officer Cole and he the one-month-old a stuffed animal.

"It’s hard to describe,” said Officer Cole. “It was a good feeling. I just feel it was necessary to bring a stuffed animal just to let them know, hey, I do care and even though I don't know you, that's a person that we did save.”

Alexa's mother says she’s traumatized from the experience, but said in Spanish as she fed her daughter, “You don't have to be afraid, police are there to help.”

Alejandra Rosales, who admitted to some fear of police, now has a new perspective. The parents are incredibly grateful.

When asked what it’s like to know he helped bridge that police-community gap, Officer Cole answered he was just doing is job.

Cole says if anything, he hopes the story will encourage more people to learn adult and infant CPR. He says you never know when a neighbor may need help.