New disturbing details have emerged about the suspect charged with killing a Muslim teen after she left a Ramadan prayer service.

Tuesday night, there’s new allegations that 17-year-old Nabra Hassanen’s alleged killer assaulted a woman one week before the teen was murdered.

The ADAMS Mosque’s Imam, Mohamed Magid, described the new revelations as yet another blow to a community already in pain.

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“It breaks my heart to see that this man has a history of targeting women,” said Imam Magid on Tuesday.

That’s the Imam’s response to the new Washington Post article that claims both the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office and Child Protective Services had investigated 22-year-old Darwin Martinez Torres days before Nabra’s murder.

Our Media Partner says a woman entered a hospital emergency room and filed a report claiming Torres had punched, choked and sexually assaulted her in front of a child. The Post says the woman also made claims Torres is a MS-13 gang member, but not further action was taken after the woman reportedly decided not to pursue charges.

“You’re not only putting your life in Jeopardy, but the lives of other women in Jeopardy,” said Imam Magid who told WUSA9, he often advocates for Sexual Assault victims. “I believe any man who abuse woman have to be punished.”

There’s a lot of concern and frustration Tuesday night but Magid says he still has full faith in the Fairfax County Police investigation.

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One of the CAIR Attorneys representing the Hassanen family said they are still pushing for a full investigation into whether Nabra’s death was a Hate Crime.

Sources say Torres wasn’t a known MS-13 member to Virginia police, nor was he on their gang database. A Fairfax County Police Spokesperson confirmed this is still being investigated on both the local and international levels. However, neither Fairfax Police nor Loudoun County would comment publically confirm the article’s details citing the active investigation.

A source told WUSA9 certain info made known to CPS was reported to the Sheriff’s Office for further investigation.