On I-95, a man pointed his gun out the window of a moving car, aimed, and opened fire. A Manassas family took the call only hours later on Mother’s Day – that their daughter would never come home. She had been shot and the killer got away.

Sharayne Holland, 26, was celebrating a friend’s graduation in Richmond, Virginia. An argument escalated downtown, a confrontation that continued onto the highway.

Holland and her friend Tanna Gardner were in the car targeted by the gunman. It remains unclear whether the gunfire was directed towards the two friends, or meant for others in the car.

“It’s the worst feeling that any parent can experience, to have your child gunned down like an animal,” said Gardner’s father Don in an interview Sunday. “It hurts to this day, knowing that my baby is not here, and Sharayne is not here.”

The family members now left in the wake of the high-speed killings gathered at the Holland home Sunday, where Sharayne’s mother and father wore white shirts with their daughter’s photos printed on both sides. It’s from their suburban Prince William driveway where they prepare for a pilgrimage to Richmond each Sunday, with a $50,000 reward in tow.

“Our crusade is to pass out fliers, the FBI is now involved, and we also have this reward,” said Sharayne’s mother Debbie in an interview. “We’re going to the Richmond community to ask them, to beg them, to please help us.”

They raised the all-cash reward in part by selling a Corvette Stingray, once one of Don Gardner’s prized possessions. The reward will be given with no questions asked to anyone who offers information leading to an arrest and conviction.

“My daughter wasn’t ready to go, someone just came and took her life,” Wayne Holland said in an interview. “Look at this as your family member. These killers don’t need to be on the face of the Earth, because if they did this to our loved one, they can do it to yours.”

Holland was the mother of two toddlers, one with special needs. Family members said the Manassas native was also preparing to graduate, the Richmond celebration the first time in two years she had stepped away from studying and her children.

“We just want justice at this point,” said Antwione Pullen, Holland’s cousin. “We have to deal with the grieving part, but right now, the grieving and justice go hand in hand.”

Virginia State Police continue to lead the investigation, and ask for any tips to be sent to BCICID@vsp.virginia.gov or (804) 674-2000.