A frightening scene in Annandale this morning as a man with a pit bull assaults and car-jacks a security guard, and then crashes into a dozen cars at Little River Shopping Center.

“Stop! Don’t move! Don’t move," one officer is heard screaming on police dispatch radio.

A call to police came in just after 9 a.m. from Bank of Hope. An employee there almost had her car keys stolen. She called for the security guard, but the suspect, who witnesses say had a knife, overpowered the guard and took his car keys.

“He said, ‘Give me my car keys,’” said bank manager Myung Kim. Even though the keys were the security guard’s not the suspects.

“He did not seem normal,” said Kim who said the man had a small knife on him and then choked the security guard.

Kim then saw the suspect driving around in the security guard’s Toyota Camry with police in pursuit. The driver was ramming into other cars in the parking lot and slammed into a brick pillar in front of the Safeway.

“Oh my God! We need backup,” screamed the officer on the radio as the suspect smashed into a Nissan with a mom and her kids inside.

The suspect, Kelly Robinson, 35, of Triangle, had allegedly already left a trail of smashed up cars three blocks away on Little River Turnpike at Ravenswood Road. Eight cars total there on the roadway, including the one he was driving.

Police say Robinson got out of his vehicle holding a pit bull and ran toward the shopping center where he carjacked the security guard.

“The subject had a pit bull with him. It was not clear of his mental state at the time or if he was having a medical emergency,” said Fairfax County Police Officer Rex Pagerie.

Police boxed in the Camry, but the suspect would not comply. Officer used pepper spray and a Taser on Robinson who is in custody.

Crisis Intervention Trained officers confronted the suspect. Officer Pagerie says the suspect would not comply, so officers “used great restraint” deploying pepper spray and a Taser on Robinson in order to take him into custody.