The Stafford County Sherriff’s Office is dealing with an increase in burglaries in the south end of the county.

Since Thanksgiving, there have been 11 home burglaries reported. Nine of those involved the theft of medication.

The criminals are getting into the homes, leaving valuables behind, and walking out with whatever drugs they can get their hands on.

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Detectives believe all of the burglaries are connected and linked to either one person or one particular group. According to the Sheriff's Office, in some instances prescription medicines were even next to a TV or an iPad and only the medicine was taken.

The thieves are taking everything from pet medications to over the counter drugs, and especially prescription medicines.

It's unclear what the motive is, but investigators are concerned about opioids.

"There has been concern about the opioid crisis. It's impacted every community across the nation and this certainly concerns the Stafford County Sheriff's Office, said Amanda Vicinanzo, the department spokesperson.

The sheriff's office believes there may be other victims who have not yet checked their medicine cabinets. All of the burglaries were forced entry. Investigators want to remind people to keep your homes well lit and make sure alarm systems are turned on if you have them.