Less than six months after buying their home, a Mount Vernon couple spent the weekend pumping water and throwing away everything they own.

“We had everything in the basement because we were renovating upstairs,” said homeowner John Gregory.

On Friday night the couple was watching TV when they heard a loud boom in the laundry room.

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“The door was bursting wide open; it’s got a dead bolt and another lock on it. The water was so forceful that it just opened that door and flooded this whole laundry room. The water heater was upside down, the washer and dryer were moved all around.” said Gregory.

Water flooded in from a storm canal adjacent to their house

“We grabbed our dog, we grabbed our cell phones, and within five minutes we had five feet of water in our basement. It was gone that quickly,” said Gregory.

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The house has been condemned. Dominique Lee said her and Gregory are now staying in a room at their friend’s house. She said the whole ordeal has been exhausting and-

“Scary- it’s embarrassing to be homeless essentially, and you had to leave with just the clothing on your back.”

They’re hoping Fairfax County will help them with the cleanup.
The county did help their neighbors across the street which was flooded with three inches of wastewater- crews there finished up yesterday.

“I’d like the county to step up,” said Lee.

The couple rented their cleanup equipment from Home depot, while they wait for word from the county and their insurance adjusters.
But Lee is concerned once this clean up is complete, it could happen all over again to them- or someone else.

“This just cannot happen to anyone again; it just cannot happen again,” said Lee.