A Fairfax County Police Officer started a sock drive for students after being on cross-walk duty. Sometimes the officers help out to make sure the kids get to and from school safely.

Officer Thomas Murphy has been with the Fairfax County Police Department for 10 years. Two weeks ago, Murphy noticed something strange while he was helping the students.

"I noticed some of the students were walking to school with no socks on. When school dismissed I was working the same crossing again. I approached one of the teachers and she told me a lot of the kids didn't have socks," Murphy said.

The teacher told Murphy that many of the families are not able to afford socks. Heartbroken, Murphy said he went back to the station and decided to start a sock drive.

"A police officer's job is to help people, not just to arrest them and give speeding tickets," Murphy said.

After the department made a post on social media, people sent in socks from as far as California. In just one week, at least 1,000 pairs of socks have been donated.

The department is looking for socks that will fit elementary school students. If you are interested in donating you can drop socks off at any of the police stations in Fairfax County.