She's 8 years old, has brown hair, and she's been on the run for almost two weeks.

Her name is Coca-Cola. The sad fact is lots of dogs go missing, but this search caught our attention for its sheer tenacity.

WUSA9's Debra Alfarone was alerted to a Facebook group called Finding CocaCola. She saw so many people going above and beyond, including Erica Darcie of Centreville.

She was fostering the chocolate lab when she escaped.

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"I am really surprised the last few days the amount of calls that I am getting. It's really nice to see the community working together," said Darcie.

She said she is a rescue and that a family gave her up after two years.

"She's very confused, she doesn't know where she is, that's why she's been running away from people," said Darcie.

Darcie is part of a Facebook army. They're putting up fliers, keeping an eye out, offering any kind of help to find CocaCola.

She said she is skittish and people who may see her shouldn't try and chase her, because she'll likely run off.

"She is a very sweet dog, would follow me around the house, always looking for treats," she said. "I hope she finds a home soon, and I hope she comes to my home soon and we find her forever home."

CocaCola is part of a rescue called Operation Paws for Homes. They take dogs from the south to Northern Virginia where they have a better chance of adoption. Darcie's army has set up a humane trap near where she was spotted recently. It has food inside and can help keep the lab in one place.

Darcie went and checked it and then came back to meet up with us.

"She wasn't there unfortunately but she has been coming back over here to feed, so we're hoping that by tomorrow she's gonna be with us," she said.

And so the search continues another day.

If you spot CocaCola, give Darcie a call at 703-517-6299.