Beagle puppy, kitten yoga!

No, this isn't a made up creature from a Mountain Dew commercial. It's real thing!

Thanks to the Animal Welfare League of Arlington, you can practice yoga in the company of floppy ears, wet noses and fluffy kitten faces on Nov. 9th.

PHOTOS: Beagle puppies to take part in yoga

There will be two sessions held at the Animal Welfare League of Arlington, located at 2650 South Arlington Mill Drive in Arlington, Va., and will be hosted by Beth A Wolfe Yoga.

For $40 per person, you can chose from either 5:30 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. As promised, a litter of four beagle puppies and kittens will be roaming around and practicing their best downward-facing dog poses.

It's bring your own yoga mat and for people ages 10 and older.